Friday, May 15, 2009


You might have heard the very popular Paulo Coelho quote: ‘When you want something, the entire universe conspires in helping you to achieve it’.
In our case, the results that we have achieved so far and the work that we are going to accomplish in future is a fascinating story of how universe pulls together the resources to turn good intentions and hard work into a job well-done.
Though it would be impossible to explain all the events and conversations that proved to be a great source of inspiration and helped us along over the years but mentioned below are a few that are the personification of help that universe wanted to impart on us as we started this journey and they kept us inspired and motivated to keep up with our efforts and guided us when we started to loose tracks. We hope for their continued presence in contributing to our dreams and in the end to pat our backs and bestow their blessings…

1- We extend our heartiest thanks to DR. R. PANT (Director, Nava Nalanda Mahavihar) and SHRI C. SRIDHAR (Ex- District Magistrate, Nalanda) for all support, encouragement and sharing with us the vision of showcasing the heritage of Nalanda
2- Nalanda is grateful to have YEVES GUICHAND for sharing his passion of photography with us that helped in unfolding the mystery of Hidden past of Nalanda; he took time from his busy schedule and contributed valuable aerial photographs of the area. You’ll see some of these treasured pictures in our forthcoming work. They are a property of Nava Nalanda Mahavihar and will provide immense help to future researchers.
3- We are grateful to DAVITAN GOURGEN for suggesting a suitable GIS methodology of documenting facts.
4- We extend our gratitude to SHRI SANJAY MATHUR, for helping us develop overall comprehensive plan for presenting the facts...
5- We are grateful to DR. U.C VYAS,  DR. D. LAMA and Bhikkhu Pragyapal for their cooperation. We extend thank to Shri PARMOD SINGH and BANDHAN for helping us locate excellent resources at the Library.
6- Our sincere thanks to SHRI SUJIT NAYAN (ASI, Patna ) for his valuable inputs
7- Last but not the least our heartfelt thanks to dear ASHOKA bhaiya for his logistic support. And we’d also like to acknowledge the cooperation and contribution of NANDGOPAL KUMAR and SAILESH PANDEY.

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