Thursday, September 3, 2009

Conclusions based on Conjecture Maps

1. Among the temples there are two big temples on the west side of the Monastery complex “Temple no 12” and “Temple no 3”. Among these one which is exactly west of monastery is site where Buddha spent three months and a 200 ft/ 100 ft temple was raised. We find “temple no 3” to be on exact west of monasteries “1A” & “1B”. Therefore “temple no 3” is the site of “spot no 8” of “Travel” and “spot no 1”of Hwui Lun.

2. “Tooth brush stick” Tree (“Spot no 4”, Hwui Lun) is west of spot no 1 & “Tooth brush stick tree” is west of “spot no 14” “Travels”, therefore
Spot no 1 (Hwui Lun) = Spot no 14 (Travels) = Spot no 8 (Travels) = Temple no 3 (excavated site)

3. Baladitya temple (Spot 10, “Life”) is North West of Great convent, Spot no 1 (Hwui Lun), (Baladitya temple), is also North West of great convent. If we examine the Temple no12 (excavated sites) it is north west of Monastic row. Therefore “Temple no 12” is the Baladitya temple.

4. In “Travel” Baladitya temple (spot 16) is north of a temple which is 100 paces North of “Temple no 3” (Spot 14, Travel). But as per Hwui Lun this is only 50 paces North of “temple no 3” (excavated site). Here we can assume that the distance is just symbolic both the structure are very big with big courtyard and if we take distance between the nearest points of the two it will be around 50 paces and if we take distance between the sanctorum of the two temple it will be around 100paces. Further we see Xuanzang has mentioned about one more temple in between the two, since the size of this is not mentioned we can assume this to be a smaller temple nearby or part of the big campus of “temple no 12”.

5. For Temple no 13 and 14 of excavated site we find Xuanzang has mentioned about two structures further north, while “temple no 13” could be “spot no18” and “temple no 14” could be “spot no 19”.

6. Though Xuanzang mentions about a stupa for “spot no 17”, but the pala period Stone Image of Buddha at “Teliya bhandar”, falls at the exact location mentioned by Xuanzang with respect to “spot any 18”. This sculpture could be part of some tradition marking the place associated with Buddha.

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