Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Risks from environment and visitors

The Archeological site is an invaluable heritage and it needs conservation and prevention. The heritage is bound to be subjected to weathering but besides that the increased human activity, some unintentional and other malicious are constantly harming it and the way to protect it would be to make people aware of the legacy they are holding together in their lives and they have to find pride in it to cherish it and prevent it from further exploitation.

Environmental damage- The stuccos that are a part of the remains at Nalanda are not properly preserved and most of the stuccos at Sarai Mound and temple no 3 are lost for lack of effective protection.

Damage caused by people: People visiting the ruins for lack of proper direction walk all over the ruins structures, the walls are not corded off and allow visitors to climb on them resulting in severe damage and harming its sanctity. People also need to be made aware of the fact that this is a spiritual place and they need to be sensitive about other praying visitors and keep the pollution, trash as well as the noise to a minimum.

Malicious intent/ Vandalism - There have been reported incidents in past when the stuccoes were removed from temple number 3 by people for their personal gains. The visitors also damage the structure by the graffiti they add all over.

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Shashi Bhushan said...

make one separate place where people can do graffiti. Spread the rumor that if they will write something there (that particular place only) then there wishes will get manifested. I hope this trick will And to minimize theft....just install some dummy cameras (replica of camera)& put board everywhere that this site is under surveillance. It may discourage some uncivilized visitors but it will not stop any professional thief.