Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Chapter 3: Introduction

In Footsteps of Buddha (Rajgir and Vicinity)

Rajagaha (Rajgir)

The Early Beginnings

Names and their Variations

Suttas delivered by Buddha at Rajgir and Nalanda

Places around Rajgir and their mention in literature

Identifying Griddhakuta Area

Identifying Veluvana

Identifying Rajagaha

Villages and places in vicinity


Ravindra Kumar Pathak said...

congratulations Deepakji,
In my view there are many items which could be addede and made this effort alive. Knowledge or culture has not been important in dead terms like remains, architecture,etc. Once up on a time all has been alive with personal and social practices and still the great heritage is not confined within dead items. in my view if we are realy serious we must include alive items and try to conserve those.For example Dance, drama, worship,faith, festival, deities and there followers, cultural inter religious excange and impact.

Deepak Anand said...

its true, i appreciate your view very soon we plan to include the other aspect of the culture which needs to be documented, revived and showcased