Thursday, May 6, 2010

Samiddhi Story

Another story that is often referred to at the hot springs is that of Bhikku Samiddhi. He belonged to a prosperous family of Rajgriha and this cheerful youth brought much happiness and well-being to his family and hence was named ‘Samiddhi’. He was one of the many fortunate ones to witness the dialogue between king Bimbisara and the Buddha; and the words spoken and the teachings explained there inspired him so much that he gave up the physical world and decided to join the Order. He meditated and practiced Dhamma at Tapodarama and eventually attained arhanthood there. One early morning while a Devi was visiting the heavenly lake she saw Samiddhi close to the hot water springs performing his morning rituals, bewitched by his grace and calm presence she tried to test him and lure him into the sensual world. Samiddhi being the accomplished monk deflected her away with the following conversation:

Devi, in a sweet celestial voice: “You are still so young, my love, you should be pursuing the pleasures of worldly life like most men your age. Don’t reject the present moment to pursue what time will bring,”
Bhikku Samiddhi, with a gentle smile: “I reject what time will bring to pursue the present moment,”
“Please go see the Buddha. He can clarify the Dhamma for you better than anyone else.”

Devi: "Monk, it's not easy for us to go to the Blessed one, as he is surrounded by other devas of great influence. But if you go to the Blessed One and ask him this matter, I will come along to hear the Dhamma."

Samiddhi then took the Devi to the Buddha and then the Buddha then explained the Dhamma to her
“Having shed classifications, gone beyond conceit, he has here cut through craving for name & form: This one — his bonds cut through, free from trouble, from longing — though they search they can't find him, human & heavenly beings, here & beyond, in heaven or any abode. If you know this, spirit, then say so.”

Devi after listening to the Buddha words said,
"Lord, here's how I understand the detailed meaning of the Blessed One's brief statement:
In the entire world, every world, you should do no evil with speech, body, or mind. Having abandoned sensual pleasures — mindful, alert — don't consort with suffering & stress, with what doesn't pertain to the goal."

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