Friday, May 7, 2010

Meeting of Kokanuda and Anand

Another meeting that is mentioned in the literatures is what took place between the Buddha’s attendant Ananda and a Paribbājaka (Ascetics and recluses) named Kokanuda. He met Ananda on the banks of Tapodarama and engaged him into a conversation about his opinions on the cosmos without knowing his identity.
"How it, my friend is: 'The cosmos is eternal. Only this is true; anything otherwise is worthless.' Is this the sort of view you have?"

To which Ananda replied, ‘No’. Kokanuda not satisfied with the short answer tried to investigate further and asks if the world is eternal and if the Buddha lives on after death, and other such questions.

Ananda replied that it is impossible to answer such questions of great depth at a casual conversation as they need deeper understanding and insight. Besides, it takes a lot of practice to be able to comprehend the meanings of life and beyond. After hearing these words Kokanuda was compelled to know the identity of his the person he was conversing with. And as soon as he realized it was Ananda who was patiently trying to answer his questions despite the curtness Kokanuda’s tone he regretted his behavior and asked for forgiveness.
"What? Have I been talking with the great teacher without realizing that it was Ven. Ananda? Had I recognized that it was Ven. Ananda, I would not have cross-examined him so much. May Venerable Ananda please forgive me?"

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