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Birth place of Sariputra

Sariputra was the chief disciple of Buddha and was also called Dhamma senapati (general of the Dhamma). As per the Pali sources he was born and died in Nalaka gram. Before he joined the Buddhist order he was disciple of Sanjaya Belatthaputta. He attained Nirvana in full moon night of Kartika Month.

Birth place of Sariputra is still a puzzle. Fahien and Xuanzang both visited Nala (Xuanzang’s Kalpinaka) and have given details of measure and direction. While Fahien reached Nala from Indrasaila Guha, Xuanzang reached Kalpinaka from Nalanda Mahavihara via Kulika (birth place of Moggallana).
We see as we apply the indications on a GIS map, the places don’t fall exactly at one place. Chandi-Mau and Nanand are among the most probable sites. Chandi-Mau falls in the radius of Fahien’s buffer and Nanand falls under the Xuanzang’s buffer, the archaeological remains at both the site are substantial. Broadley visited Chandi-Mau and said this could be Sariputra’s birth place Nala. The pottery found at the surface in Chandi-Mau don’t support any monastic or stupa structure before 5th century AD

Fahien’s Nala (birthplace of Sariputra)

Xuanzang’ Kalpinaka (birth place of Sariputra)

Putting Xuanzang and Fahien records together

Probable places of Sariputra’s birth place and Nalanda

Two most probable places which come under the probability zone are
1-Chandi-Mau (suggested by Broadley)


नारायण प्रसाद said...

The three Chinese pilgrims who visited India in ancient times are written in the pinyin transliteration as follows (the traditional Chinese characters are also given along with the modern simplified Chinese characters within brackets):

(1) 法顯 (法显) Faxian (fa3 xian3) फ़ा-ष्येन

(2) 玄奘 Xuanzang (Xuan2 Zang4) ष्वेन-त्सांग
元奘 Yuanzang (yuan2 zang4) य्वेन-त्सांग

(3) 義淨 (义净) Yijing (yi4 jing4) ई-चिंग

नारायण प्रसाद said...

Kindly supply the latitude/longitude of the places. This will help in easily locating them on Wikimapia/ Google Earth.

What is the source of the detailed map of the villages/ river/ canal ?