Friday, May 29, 2009

Responding to another set of queries…

• Our readers suggested that we provide the coordinate details of the places that we have been addressing and we thing it’s a very valuable input, in future we’ll try to include the longitude and latitude data in the post itself and to set the record straight, here is the information for the places that we have mentioned in a few of the recent posts.

Indrasaila Parwati- 25º05' 27" (Lat) 85º 38' 55" (Long)

Indrasaila peak- 25º01' 27" (Lat) 85º 30' 43" (Long)

Giddhdwar- 25º01' 06" (Lat) 85º 30' 28" (Long)

Bari Pahari- Indrasaila by Kittoe- 25º12' 16" (Lat) 85º 30' 16" (Long)

• The coordinates of the place where the sculpture was found

Dhurgaon- 25º14' 37" (Lat) 85º 16' 33" (Long)

• Reading Apsadh
As per the Pali commentary- the village was called Ambasandha

• A note for Devnagari names of villages, we are swamped with deadlines and at the same time trying to sort through data and analyze it to make it available for our readers on the blog and including the devnagari script would be another ball we’ll have to juggle; but at the same time some of our readers are very cognizant of such information and we’d be very happy if they continue to contribute to our blog like they did in the past and we are very thankful for all their interest and efforts…

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Kaushal Kishore , Kharbhaia , Patna : कौशल किशोर ; खरभैया , तोप , पटना said...

The constraint of time and the importance of deadlines are well appreciated but for better understanding - ( since we are in the process of identification of two set of data ,i.e., I.identification of places on the ground, mentioned in the historical texts like Pali literature n travelogues , II. identification of the villages and settlements of Magadha having statues and archeological remains with the help of Pali texts etc.) the place name, as they are referred by the locals ,in devnagari script is necessary.writing in devnagari using roman scripts in google indic transliteration is easy.any way think over it .