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Given below is a tabulated report compiled using the data from Annual reports of the Archaeological Survey of India. The effort is to arrange the excavated site chronologically based on the clues found during excavation and the literature that have been interpreted so far from the various eye-witness accounts.

Further we have tried to demarcate the structure, as Gupta period or Pala period, in terms of the era they seems to be built in based on the typical architectural details and the evidences founds. Since some of the structures were built of older foundations or on the rubble of existing structures, they tend to fall under both categories.
Column 1 and 2 describes the builder and his title, column 3 and 4 indicates broadly the evidences attributing to the patronage and Column 5 shows the form of damage to the monastery.

At the bottom is the row indicating number of layers of reconstruction of the respective structures

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1. Puranavarman Inscription from Sarai Mound- Art and architecture of Nalanda- G.C Chauley-page 21
2. 3 phase reconstruction of temple no 12- Art and architecture of Nalanda- G.C Chauley-page 19
3. 2 reconstruction of temple no-12, directory of Bihar archaeology, BP Sinha, p-70,ASI- 1930-34 page131
4. Monasteries no 8-11 have yielded antiquities from Pala period-- Art and architecture of Nalanda- G.C Chauley-page 17
5. Temple no-3 , 5th stage- a brick inscription dated gupta- 516-17 AD
6. stone inscription of Yasovarmandeva- university of Nalanda- H D Sankalia
7. 2 layers of monastery no 10- ASI-1930-34, P-137
8. Monastery no-7, layer no-2, Devapala- ASI-1930-34,p28
9. Monastery no 11, ASI AR-1934-35, P39
10. Monastery no 6 , ASI AR 1929-30, p-39
11. Monastery no-7 , 3 layers ASI AR- 1929-30, P135
12. Monastery no-8 1st layer Devapala, ASI AR-1929-30-p135
13. Monastery no-4, ASI AR-1928-29 P-33 Layer no -2 Devapala
14. Monastery no-1 ASI AR-1926-27 p-133, Layer no 3 –Devapala
15. Monastery No-1 ASI AR 1923-24 P-70, 1st layer 7th Century AD
16. 2nd stage of 1A, 1B and the 5th stage of temple no 3 have same level of courtyard pavement - directory of Bihar archaeology, BP Sinha, p-74
17. 1st stage of 1A rests on the 4th layer of 1st monastery & 1B antedates 1A- ASI AR 1923-24, p-72


Kaushal said...

great work
keep it up
one suggestion- is it possible to give internet ( web )reference of the citation and the addition if you could provide the reference details of the available material on the internet ,it would be great.
awareness about the source material available on the web may make this grand solo effort truely cooperative by facilating contribution from interested individuals .
Kaushal Kishore

deepak anand said...

dear sir,
we have tabulated the details from the Annual relorts published by ASI.

though we never tried for references on the web, but certainy this could be a good idea.
though personally speaking chances of a detailed report on net is less