Sunday, November 29, 2009

Discussion with Museum Incharge (Assistant Superintending Archaeologist, ASI)

The conversation with the museum in charge brought about another important perspective to view and that is a plan to display the excavation process, a much coveted link between the history we crave and the archeological remains we visit. The old time excavation tools, the trolley train system will all add extensively to the interpretation program.

Despite such innovative ideas there wasn’t much of an implementation plan and the local guides were certainly not a consideration. He agreed that opening up a separate exit would allow visitors to cover more area and that to properly exhibit the assets a more comprehensive interpretation plan needs to be developed.

According to his opinion, there isn’t much that can be improved with the current chaos at the gate. There have been several discussion among district officials to improve the situation at the entry way but none of the solutions that were discussed ever incorporated the vendors.


Shashi Bhushan said...

Is there any arrangement for handicap/Elderly (a person who is on wheelchair) person to visit the site (ruin )?

deepak anand said...

ya sashi bhai.nalanda remains has two wheel chirs for handicap people....though much more is required to be done for people who are physically challenged like some audio capsule, visual capsule etc

Shashi Bhushan said...

gr8.. I only wanted to bring this factor in light.