Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Master Plan of Nalanda - a new beginning

In the upcoming posts we’ll be discussing ‘the Master plan of Nalanda’ as devised by the community trying to balance the growing demands and preserving the sanctity of the heritage. We had the privilege to present it to the current chief minister of Bihar, Shri Nitish Kumar and it was received with much enthusiasm by the entire CM Office; we expect to see the beginning of a more refined implementation process shortly. If you follow local news, you must already have seen ripples of it in the media, if not we plan to keep you posted with latest.

Here are the steps in which we’ll unravel the ‘master plan’

• Significance of Nalanda and its Location

• Introduction to site

• Tourism in Nalanda and vicinity

• Stakeholder survey- Issues now and future

• Current risk factors

• Scope of improvement

• World Heritage Status

• Rationale behind Master Plan

• Infrastructure needs

• Heritage management plan

• Marketing Campaign “Launch Nalanda”

• Capacity building of the community for tourism products

• Action Plan

Also, if you wish to follow our process through which we developed the "master plan" and keep abreast with latest in Nalanda, check out our companion blog:
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