Saturday, December 5, 2009

Lack of Infrastructure outside the premises

Lack of Infrastructure:
Effective management outside of the campus is equally important for the conservation of the heritage. There are a lot of remains that still need to be unearthed in the land adjacent to the structure but there is no buffer zone outside its boundaries to prevent the damage. Traffic and parking over these areas are a constant threat to the heritage that is still unexcavated. We need to respect the invaluable heritage and an alternative needs to be provided for traffic and parking needs with the flexibility for potential growth.

Traffic congestion at the entry gates of Nalanda Monastic Remains

Fig- More than 15 villages down the road are using Nalanda road as a link to main highway

The main road at the entrance of the Nalanda remains is also the only mode of commute for more than 15 villages. For it being a major artery, more than 70 horse-carts and small public transportation vehicle frequently pace this route.

Fig- Chaos at the entrance of Nalanda Remains

The visitors use this road for commute and also park their vehicles around it for accessing the Nalanda ruins. Besides these other visitors to the Jain temple switch their mode of transportation to horse cart in this area too. The narrow road with chaotic unmanaged traffic is further worsened off by the adjacent parking area and people drop off at the gates. And these numbers more than double during the peak visitor seasons.

With the probable new status of a world heritage site the congestion in this area is bound to grow. The present set-up not only lacks capacity for current needs, it has no provision to accommodate future traffic either.

This situation needs to be resolved urgently for the safety of the tourists and other passengers traveling on this road and also to make it calm and aesthetically pleasing to reflect the serene heritage beyond its gates.

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