Thursday, December 17, 2009

Master Plan for a sustainable coexistence

So far we have been discussing the things that have been lacking and can use some improvement besides the concerns and expectations of the community and individuals. The next logical step is to convert the goals into specific tasks and suggest a master plan, a sort of a big picture view that can incorporates within the opportunities for future growth of the society.

We had the opportunity to present this master plan to the current chief minister of Bihar, Shri Nitish Kumar and later on we do plan to share the exact pictorial presentation that we gave to him. If you’d like to know the background process that went into creating this report, please check out our parallel blog ‘Nalanda-on the move’. As the concepts start taking shapes we’ll be sharing more about the on-site changes coming into effect because of the steps we have devised.

In the next coming posts we’ll be sharing with you the following topics pertinent to the site development and reveal the complete master plan.

• Opening up the western face

• Paying tribute to Xuanzang

• Appropriate Site exposure

• Panoramic presentation of the entire mound

• A Heritage zone for protection

• Incorporating new sites into tourist routes

• Identifying the availability of Land

• A new proposed entry and exit plan for the Heritage zone

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