Monday, December 7, 2009

Tourism not trickles down— No new circuits/sites added

Tourism has come to standstill at Nalanda expect for the tours offered by outside parties, the recent growth of tourists activity is restricted to Nalanda ruins but there remains a lot that can be explored and staged for tourism. Taking tourism to villages should be next on our agenda, there are many small but significant sites in close vicinity that can help develop a bigger picture and enrich the experience of tourists. More interest in the area would generate enough awareness and correspondingly more revenue that can be invested in the conservation of the heritage; and such a process would begin with a proper infrastructure. Nalanda is the face of tourism; it is what interests’ people into the area so proper services need to be provided starting with the entry re-design to parking to rest area and coupled with guide training and community institutions at villages to handle rural tourism.

It is necessary to design a master plan so that the new setup facilitates growth of tourism to newer sites and villages in particular.

Sculpture at Rukmanisthan

Excavation of Old stupa at Juafardih

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