Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bimbisara understands Buddha’s teachings

The Buddha found the assembly eager to absorb the wisdom so he offered insights saying that ego or self is nothing but a deception. The life that exists is nothing but transitory and dwelling in these sensory desires is the cause for suffering. He explained that once the human being let go of the self and realize the transitoriness of all that exists, it would lead to a path that ensures happiness. After realizing the doctrine, King Bimbisara addressed the Buddha.
"Formerly, O Reverend Sir, when I was a prince, I had five wishes. They are now fulfilled. My first wish was to become king. My second wish was that a Fully Enlightened One should visit my country. My third wish was that I should associate with such an Enlightened One. My fourth wish was that he should preach to me the doctrine. My fifth wish was that I should understand that doctrine. Now all these five wishes are fulfilled” (Vin.i.36)

This dialogue, the meeting and the place where the Buddha was received by Bimbisara became an integral part of the tradition that lasted for many generations; pilgrims and devotees visiting Rajgriha from Bodh Gaya made sure to stop by at this junction to pay their respect to the king, the benefactor who helped promote the teachings of the Buddha and establish it as a way of life that was recognized as Buddhism later on. Xuanzang mentions this place in his travelogue and with modern world orientation it establishes at the turning of Jethian valley. The place was marked with a stupa and the remnants of the structure and the echo of the teachings still reverberates in this ambiance.

Pic: The temple at the spot over the brick stupa remains

The antiquities found at the meeting place (Jethian) the...

1- A brick stupa by the ancient path

2- Sculptures at the site

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