Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Śūraṅgama Sutra — the “Sutra of the Indestructible”

Śūraṅgama Sutra — the “Sutra of the Indestructible” is another important Mahayana sutra that the main texts use till today in the Zen school in Chinese Buddhism was delivered here and as mentioned earlier Fahein during his visit in 414 AD stayed here overnight and recited this sutta at the Griddhkuta.

As per the Mahayanist tradition, The Sanghāta Sutra was delivered by the Buddha at the vulture’s peak. The Sanghāta is one of a special set of Buddhist sutras called dharma-paryāyas, or ‘transformative teachings,’ that function to transform those who hear or recite them in the traditional ritual ways. Many followers of Mahayana tradition are often seen reciting the Sanghāta Sutra.

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