Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Prince and King Ajatshatru joined the Sangha in one of the most dramatic circumstances.

He underwent quite a transformation from plotting for Buddha’s murder while under Devdatta’s influence to being one who was instrumental in organizing the 1st Buddhist council and the erecting the big relic stupa. Ajatshatru was an ambitious soul and desperately wished for power and control of the Estate. In the greed for throne he was drawn to the evil calculating mind of Devdatta who had acquired some iddhi (magical powers) but through various encounters Ajatshatru came to realize the difference between the good and the evil and took shelter under Buddha’s teachings and provided patronage to Buddhism.

Due to the impact of this event on the history of Buddhism, and subsequently the political scenario, it would be discussed in detail further ahead and also in snippets throughout the other topics.

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