Friday, June 19, 2009


Another set of very interesting queries and surprisingly they are all from one person and quite specific too, its encouraging to know that somebody is following our blog so closely.
So here they are and hope you find them helpful, these questions are related to the posts ‘current situation of Nalanda Mahavihara’ and ‘birth place of Sariputra’

You have separately listed 7 villages supposed to be on the mound, but given the outline of only 4 villages. Could you mark the serial numbers of these villages on the mound also?
The villages are all clustered and are broadly clubbed in the four groups.
The villages motioned are in sequence of their position on the map with Muzzafarpur and Kapatiya at south end and Begampur and Daman khanda at the northern end and in between are Surajpur and Bargaon

Is it possible to get an aerial photograph of the complete mound along with the tanks?
We don’t have any aerial pictures of all the water bodies and the Nalanda ruins on a single canvas.

Kindly supply the latitude/longitude of the places. This will help in easily locating them on Wikimapia/ Google Earth.

Juafardih- (Kulika)- 25º 8′ 6" N , 85 º 25′ 41"E
Chandi Mau (Kalpinaka) - 25º 03′ 25" N, 85 º 29′ 59"E
Nanand (Kalpinaka) - 25º 04′ 27" N, 85 º 30′ 7"E

What is the source of the detailed map of the villages/ river/ canal?
The picture where you see the villages and rivers and roads mentioned is from the toposheet issued by the survey of India.

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