Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Incorporating new sites into tourist routes

Besides connecting the already popular sites and making a heritage trail, the other important benefit to the area tourism would be to make the rich heritage that lies in many villages surrounding Nalanda Mahasangharama more accessible. Making these villages the hub of tourist activity would be mutually beneficial for locals and visitors with enriched interpretations and increased community interaction. This would provide opportunity for growth and in turn would increase the length of the tourist stay. In the first phase we can start exploring with sites in Juafardih and Rukmanisthan and developing a platform by involving local people into community tourism. And with some initiatives the benefits of tourism would eventually trickle down to the villages. More villages with heritage could be linked in stages.

The above shown spread of archaeological sites around Nalanda is nothing but the plethora of opportunities waiting to be developed into new potentials.


Kaushal Kishore , Kharbhaia , Patna : कौशल किशोर ; खरभैया , तोप , पटना said...

The process of reclaiming the glorious heritage of Nalanda and Magadh , in the 21st century has begun and Deepak ,you are the catalyst.
The ongoing vist of Bihar CM Nitish Kumar to Rajgir etc shows that the government is also serious about reclaimation.
Two quick suggestions -
(1) Gautam Buddha walking Trail - We should plan for creating a modern walking trail on the or along the historical path which Gautam Buddha took for his regular visit to Patliputra , Vaishali from Rajgriha - Nalanda.
path could be Kumhraar excavation site to Fatuha - Machhariamaa , Daniama, Singariama , Diama Kachhiama , Nalanda , Rajgir.
(B)Rajgir - Jethian - Bodhgaya
(C) Rajgir -Arama- Telhada - Barabar - Gaya - Bodhgaya
(D) Diama - Kosiamaa - Telhada and thereafter to Gaya
(2) Community museum for the sculptural /archeological wealth lying scattered in the villages and mounds of Mgadh area. each such heritage village / mound can have community museum housing the sculptures/ artefacts etc. we can have two versions of such museums - say costing Rs 12 lakhs and six lakhs.if 200 such museums are constructed it may not cost more than Rs 24 Crores . the museum will save the glory of Magadh as reflected in beautiful stone sculptures from the elements as well as theives.such community museums may make the whole of magadh as vast tourist area.
the challenge lies in giving a detailed project plan along with the architectural design of museums. the shape and style of museum should reflect the architectural style and motifs of Buddhist, Mauryan , Gupta and Pala period - great patrons and rulers of Magadh.

deepak anand said...

dear sir,
thanks for the valuable inputs.