Monday, January 11, 2010

Capacity building of the Community for tourism

There is a need to design and develop a new human resource development strategy for tourism including a strong management capability development programme for small and medium sized tourism enterprises.

Some of the ways that livelihoods can be explored are:

1. Interpretation programs

2. Development of souvenirs with the interpretative message for the buyers

3. Cultural experiences involving local performances, traditional sports events etc

4. Improved skills and capabilities including customer service training

5. Enterprise development- Catering, Handicraft development, Guiding and escorting, tour operation etc

Capacity building should be suitably coupled with tourism shopping opportunities. Promotion of traditional cultural expressions and art be given importance and special spaces, programs and facilities should be provided for the growth of such activities like traditional sports, handicrafts and local meals

Designing means and ways to promote local tourism culture should be an integral part of capacity building for tourism. This can be achieved by involving school children, women groups and community at large. Public awareness programmes, heritage walks, workshops must be part of community involvement programmes.